Creating Partnerships With Healthcare Providers And Investors To Accelerate Business Growth.

Urbana works with exceptional entrepreneurs and healthcare providers to build their businesses while partnering with and representing providers of capital and prospective Investors.

• Facilitating Expansion and Growth

Finding reliable Partners and Collaborators who can help share the burden of a healthcare investment or jumpstart operations.

• Identification, evaluation, analysis, structuring of business opportunities for healthcare Institutions, corporations, Investors and entrepreneurs.

• Assistance in sourcing a Partner or Collaboration or Management Team of choice.

Given our wide network with Private Health Providers and Academic Medical Centers, Urbana can recommend and assist in finding suitable partners of choice, strategic and financial investors or management teams, should a need arise.

• Manage such investments on an active basis, effectively working with the Medical Specialists’ Groups/Entrepreneurs and supplementing the business and commercial bandwidth that the underlying entities need and require to fulfill the mandate articulated above.

Urbana management along with a reinforced management team, under the supervision of a Board that includes Investor’s nominees will manage the entities upon the acquisition.

• Working closely with healthcare companies with a directional focus and high quality execution, Urbana seeks to accomplish better financial outcomes and improve clinical and corporate governance.

Urbana will manage the investment and align its financial interests with the healthcare businesses and its Investors.

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