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We bring a deep understanding of healthcare to each and every one of our consulting assignments. Our services include:

1. Advisory, Consulting and business services focused on entry, expansion or investment into Asian healthcare.

Market entry, expansion and diversification

If you are seeking to enter, expand or diversify into Asian Healthcare, Urbana offers to leverage its network to open new avenues for growth – opening of opening new geographies, new business lines or new services. Services include complete ‘end to end’ solutions for opportunity sourcing & evaluation, structuring market entry solutions and working towards making these a success. We are uniquely placed to assist in opening new collaboration opportunities and partnership building.

Demand analysis via market research.

For defined geographical segments, determining emerging trends in healthcare delivery, demand analysis, price points and motivations that determine key patient choices. This demand analysis is delivered in collaboration with leading market research companies with whom Urbana works and is carried out under its direct supervision. Urbana frames the research design and methodology for target audiences and undertakes the scrutiny and analysis of data being obtained, drawing appropriate conclusions and the eventual utilization of the information into a business plan.

Development and implementation of a business feasibility plan

Determine and recommend a preferred investment strategy based on financial analysis and viability. Determine capital outlay, funding requirements and an analysis of investment, returns and cash flows.

Assist in the setting up of healthcare infrastructure and facilities, including architectural design, facility layout, equipment harnessing and commissioning, human resources planning, workflow processes and establishment of quality and clinical risk management systems.

Facility Concept and Design Services are delivered through an associate network of facility Planners and Designers in Singapore who have planned and set up healthcare facilities in Singapore and across SE Asia.

2. Facilitating and leading investments into exceptional healthcare opportunities as a strategic and operating partner.

Urbana works with exceptional entrepreneurs and healthcare providers to build their businesses while partnering with and representing providers of capital and prospective Investors.

Urbana plans to manage such investments on an active basis, effectively working with the Medical Specialists’ Groups/Entrepreneurs and supplementing the business and commercial bandwidth that the underlying entities need and require to fulfill the mandate articulated above. Urbana management along with a reinforced management team, under the supervision of a Board that includes Investor’s nominees will manage the entities upon the acquisition.

Working closely with the healthcare companies with a directional focus and high quality execution, Urbana seeks to accomplish better financial outcomes and improve clinical and corporate governance. Urbana will manage the investment and align its financial interests with the healthcare businesses and its Investors.

3. Identification, evaluation, analysis and structuring of business opportunities for healthcare institutions, corporations, investors and entrepreneurs.

Urbana can assist in sourcing a Partner, Collaborator or Management Team of choice. Given our wide network with Private Health Providers and Academic Medical Centers, Urbana can recommend and assist in finding suitable partners of choice or management teams, should a need arise.

We advice investors who are considering a healthcare investment on key strategic, operational and financial issues. We can also provide advice on transaction structuring and drawing of definitive agreements. Where necessary we are able to provide post-transaction advisory, supervisory and managerial support.

4. Strategic and business due diligence services for investors and lenders.

Urbana is a ‘one stop shop’ for a comprehensive Due Diligence on target companies, competitive landscape analysis and an evaluation of market potential.

We work with Private Equity firms, Healthcare corporations and Lenders in undertaking strategic and business due diligence services to evaluate investments. These are focused on demand analysis, physician engagement models, referral networks and speciality choices/focus. Synergizing with our core strengths, this often includes determining synergies with other operations and leveraging branding into other geographies.

Urbana management would also be willing to assist in interim management solutions for C level positions across many of the functional areas, including CEO, CFO or CTO positions. Urbana senior management would also be available for Board level and Advisory Board positions.

5. Direct Investments into early stage healthcare companies on a selective basis.

Urbana invests in and provides funding and mentorship to early stage companies that have business, technology or service delivery ideas in the healthcare and wellness space that have relevance to the local market and have a worldwide reach. We have a bias towards services and technology oriented companies, web-based software companies, and Healthcare Process outsourcing companies. To be eligible, the business proposition must have developed beyond the idea stage and teams must have demonstrated some progress in developing a proof of concept.

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