Consulting Services For Performance Improvement Issues, Enhancing Revenues And Expense Rationalization

• Diagnostics and Performance Enhancement

Assess the current state of operations and develop operational strategy, as appropriate. Detailed Diagnostics of the business operations, clinical standards, financial condition and prospects, leading to advice and assistance in developing and implementing an operational plan.

• Provide oversight and guidance to your business and profitability model.

Identify actionable areas for revenue enhancement, expense reduction, and clinical improvement. Develop and implement Performance Dashboards, MIS and reporting systems to ensure timely feedback and actionable business reporting.

• Assess Clinical and Management Leadership.

Attract and recruit key Medical Specialists in chosen areas of Specialization.

• Develop corporate and hospital organizational structure and operations procedure to best achieve sponsor objectives.

Prepare a hospital marketing plan, supply chain management and accounting and financial monitoring system.

• Concept, design, scope and phasing of healthcare facilities.

Determine the concept and design of specific facilities, space allocation for such facilities, infrastructure requirements to support these facilities.

• Setting up of the healthcare infrastructure, including architectural design, facility layout, equipment harnessing and commissioning, human resources planning, workflow processes and establishment of quality and clinical risk management systems.

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