Investment Into Early Stage Companies

Urbana invests into early stage companies, either through capital contribution or sweat equity and provides mentorship to companies that provide business solutions, technology or service delivery in the healthcare and wellness space.

Businesses should have relevance to the local market and have a worldwide reach. We have a bias towards services and technology oriented companies, web-based software companies, and Healthcare Process outsourcing companies. To be eligible, the business proposition must have developed beyond the idea stage and teams must have demonstrated some progress in developing a proof of concept.

We Invest And Mentor Early Stage Healthcare Companies


On a very selective basis, Urbana also provides investments to early stage companies. Current investments and commitments include:

1. Dreamcann Foods Private Limited (, operates 24 cafes and retail outlets in the NCR, under the brand name ‘Whole Foods’ in addition to having a retail presence through its own store and several online and physical retailing partners. Whole Foods is synonymous with food that nourishes, heals, is minimally processed, nutrient dense and free of toxic trans-fats, preservatives and artificial colors.

Urbana has been an early stage investor in Dreamcann Foods and has contributed immensely to its growth and operations.

2. Urbana Labs

Urbana Labs ( is our vehicle for early stage investments – we invest and partner with entrepreneurs and startups to help them accelerate on their plans and realize their potential. Our objective is to stimulate innovation, provide early stage seed funding, mentoring and support to high potential startups that have relevance to the local market and potential for worldwide reach. Our preference is for startups that have validated a business idea with a Proof of Concept and are ready for a commercial rollout.

We provide capital, active mentorship, networking and a validation of your business ideas as you navigate from conceptualization to implementation. We fund only a very limited number of startups, but very closely with them to make them successful.

If you are seeking funding of a business, technology or service delivery idea Urbana Labs would be delighted to hear from you. We accept investment proposals on an ongoing basis. Send in your Plan in any form or format that you are comfortable with and we will be happy to have a discussion on how we can work together.

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